Guidelines For Installing Active X Controls on Your Computer

Guidelines For Installing Active X Controls on Your Computer

Known as a popular framework used for identifying the reusable components of a computer application or program, ActiveX was designed and launched by Microsoft Corporation into the global commercial market in 1996. This program was developed to support the other products offered by the company such as the Object Linking and Embedding application. Most of the programs of Microsoft use this framework like the Windows Media Player, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and the Internet Explorer. Know more about it by learning the different aspects of ActiveX installs. Moreover, it is helpful to learn the steps needed to efficiently install the ActiveX control.

The Proper Way of Configuring the Computer Application in Internet Explorer

When configuring ActiveX in Internet Explorer, the first thing to do is to open the IE browser in a computer system. Afterwards, select the Security option and choose the appropriate Internet zone. Alter the security level of this program using the computer mouse and then choose the security setting individually. Select ok. Close all the windows and restart the PC. After rebooting the computer, launch the Internet Explorer to see if ActiveX has been successfully configured.

The Steps in Installing ActiveX Control for Mozilla Firefox

If a computer user is more familiar with using Mozilla Firefox as a web browser, the steps for installing ActiveX for such program are as follow. First, check if the browser in a PC supports the application. It is highly possible that ActiveX control is not supported by Firefox. If this problem occurs, then the best thing to do is to search for a third party computer application such as the Mozilla ActiveX Plug-In. Afterwards, download this program and install it in the PC. ActiveX control can be configured by following the procedures in configuring it in Internet Explorer.

Additional Information and Other Important Details About Active X Controls

To use this framework easily, Microsoft Corporation has launched several computer applications that use it. Most of these programs are still in use today such as the ActiveX Data Objects, Active Server Pages, Active Streaming Format, Active Scripting, Active Messaging and ActiveMovie. When installing this control, computer users should be cautious and should pay attention to the other programs that being installed in a PC because it is prone to malicious software, malware and viruses. For computer experts who are interested in writing this framework, they can use various computer languages like Borland Delphi, Visual Basic as well as Microsoft Foundation Class Library.

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