Stop Getting Lost, Allow Technology to Help

Stop Getting Lost, Allow Technology to Help

Years ago when you had to get somewhere you had to spend all day pulling out the map and checking and double checking where you have to go and where you are at the moment. I will never forget having to look around for an intersection that was large enough to be shown on the map. I got really sick of having to update the maps of the cities that I travel too. The bad thing is that no matter how recent the map is by the time it makes it through the processes and production and hits the shelves to be bought by the general public, there have already been dozens of roads and places developed since the map was planned out.

Technology is amazing because the typical paper map is completely obsolete. Now we have electronic devices that can tell you down to a few feet where in the world you are and where you need to go. Actually these machines can figure out on the spot what your movements have done to the original route planned. These really cool devices have perfectly scaled representations of the land you are on at the given time. Many of them have some voices so that you do not even have to look at the screen. The machine will tell you how far away your next turn is and whether it is a right or left. If you pass the place you have to turn the machine will tell you in a polite voice that you must turn around and go the other way.

Electronics have really come a long way over the recent years. The scary thing is that as perfect as the technology is now it will grow leaps and bound in the upcoming years. I cannot wait to see what the geniuses at the electronic companies come up with next.