Top 10 internet service providers in Mumbai

Top 10 internet service providers in Mumbai

A fast wifi broadband connection has now become a necessity for us. In addition to entertainment, wifi is also needed to adapt to our current remote or hybrid work models. As a result, the demand for wifi broadband has significantly increased too. People are Google searching ‘internet provider near me’ more than ever.

As with everything else, the rise in demand for broadband internet has also led to a massive increase in internet service providers. However, many times, you could be misled with false promises. And you will end up purchasing your broadband from a wifi service provider that doesn’t give you the exact service. In such a scenario, you will face a lot of challenges. Therefore, if you are a Mumbai resident, here’s our guide to the best broadband connections you can get here.

Airtel Xstream Fibernet

If you are looking for a fiber net connection and searching for ‘fiber connection near me’, then Airtel is the perfect choice for you. There are a wide range of limitless plans available here, suited for all pockets. Furthermore, depending upon the plan, your speeds can go up as high as 1 Gbps. Therefore, you can’t really go wrong with Airtel as your chosen fiber connection. Airtel Fibernet also gets you multiple OTT benefits, offers and more.

YOU broadband

You can also take a look at the service of YOU broadband. They are amongst Mumbai’s largest broadband connection companies. They offer high speed internet and affordable plans. The not so efficient network coverage can be one of its cons.


Hathway broadband has an advanced internet connectivity infrastructure. Therefore, it provides great service and is used by many in Mumbai. However, the high downtime the network faces can be a challenge sometimes.

CocoNet broadband connection

You can also checkout the service of CocoNet broadband. The company promises high uptime and complete customer satisfaction. Regardless, it has faced a few issues with downtime and network coverage.


JioFiber from Reliance Jio is another offering that you can certainly try out. It is yet another well-established player in Mumbai’s broadband industry.

BSNL broadband

BSNL also offers multiple affordable broadband plans for its various users. Do checkout and compare the plans, offers and other benefits of BSNL with others.

Tikona broadband services

Amongst Mumbai’s wifi providers, Tikona is a well-established brand as well. You can certainly go through their wifi plans, prices and more before you make the final choice.

ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet is yet another well-known broadband service provider. They have unlimited plans, many exciting offers, free installation service and many more.

Excitel broadband

You will also come across multiple attractive plans that are quite affordable, when it comes to Excitel broadband. There are numerous plans with a variety of prices and benefits here as well.

TATA Play Fiber

TATA Play Fiber can also be one of your choices. Their services are quite good as well and will impress you. It has unlimited plans and a variety of benefits that will get your attention too.

In conclusion, there are multiple wifi service providers in Mumbai. But, if you ask us about our opinion, then we would go for a well-established player in the market. For example, Airtel. Do checkout their different plans and the attractive rates on the website.