What Are The Best Ways To Increase Speed Of Your Website

What Are The Best Ways To Increase Speed Of Your Website

As average speed of internet connection increase all over the world and the use of mobile phones are dominating, web users can’t tolerate slow loading websites.  It is one of the reasons that have been seen to drive away mobile users. A website that takes more than three seconds to get loaded is likely to be abandoned by web users. Around 10% of those users will bounce post two seconds of waiting.

Also, Google has stated clearly that webpage speed is going to be one of the factors in getting ranked in search results. So, with all these facts and figures, it becomes very essential for a website to increase its speed to retain its viewers. We are telling you a few ways by which a website can improve its speed easily.

Optimize your web images.

Every time a person visits any web page present on the website, its browser needs to load every single part of that webpage. On various pages, these parts consume the entire space and require the longest time to get loaded. One of these parts is the graphics on the web page. A simplest way to get them loaded faster is to optimize your web images.

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Below are the two steps that will help you in optimizing the size of the image to speed up the loading time of your website.

  • Re-size images prior to uploading them
  • Compress images

Try a Plugin Purge.

You will find abundance of free of cost scripts and plugins that make it a lot tempting for your website owners. Every single plugin that you add takes up a lot of resources to execute and this implies a slow loading website.

So, what can be done in this case? You need to evaluate all the unnecessary plugins that have been installed by you. By uninstalling them, you will see that the website loading speed will greatly improve.

Make sure website scripts are updated

On the basis of the CMS system used by your website, you may require to check back daily to determine if any new release of the website scripts is available.


A website that is quick to load benefits both from Google as well as visitors. To benefit from these advantages, it is required to make your website speed a top priority on your website. All these above tips will surely help you improve your website speed.


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