What Is Azure Cloud Environment And Why Is It Preferred?

What Is Azure Cloud Environment And Why Is It Preferred?

Cloud computing allows organizations to access remote servers, as well as store, manage and process data through the internet. In addition, run applications, IT infrastructure, software, or other services. The operations of this infrastructure ranging from servers to data centers to networks and security is owned and maintained by cloud provider. Businesses need to choose packages for the cloud services or pay for what is used. Thus, they can progress efficiently with increased speed, scalability, support, savings, and security.

Microsoft leveraged its consistently expanding global data centers network and created a cloud platform called ‘Azure’. The Azure Training enables you to effectively design cloud architect solutions using Microsoft services. It is designed to manage and deploy services as well as software from anywhere.

What can Microsoft Cloud platform Azure do?

  • Create Linux or Microsoft virtual machines in few minutes using your personal or ready-to-use customized templates. Cloud-based virtual machines capably hosts your services and applications, just like they reside in your personal data center.
  • Active directory domain service allows to manage remote group policy and authentication. Thus, it makes current security structure of the cloud seem easy with few clicks.
  • Managed SQL databases allows to save overhead cost and even the expenses on software, hardware and hiring in-house professional.
  • It is easy to create deploy applications, which are compatible on global web portals and platform. You can respond rapidly to business ebb and flow with scalable and reliable cloud access, thus save money and time.
  • In Microsoft clouds, users are offered comprehensive application lifecycle management solution. Developers can track and share code alterations, conduct load testing as well as send applications to production.
  • For obtaining safe and instantly accessible data storage, you can depend on Microsoft’s global infrastructure. It has massive scalability and smart pricing structure, which lets you store rarely accessed data at significant savings.

Reasons users trust Microsoft clouds

Self-hosted data centers are being replaced by affordable and available cloud solutions. Many players have appeared within cloud service landscape but Microsoft solution is preferred more due to several reasons.

  • Flexibility – Unlike static data center with Microsoft users can scale their data storage capabilities or spin new services on the go.
  • Applications – Developing and testing critical apps can be done with a snap using Visual Studio Team service. Applications can be moved from testing to production mode across global network on a fly. 
  • Cost – Microsoft cloud platform has not just made it easy and fast to scale and add infrastructure but even made it cheaper. The cost of infrastructure devices and physical services add to thousands, which gets eliminated. Hiring IT experts adds to payroll overhead. 
  • Disaster recovery – Disaster strikes suddenly and increase business down time. With Microsoft cloud services you get assured consistent service delivery even during disastrous situations.