Workforce Management Tips for Better Call Center Management

Workforce Management Tips for Better Call Center Management

In call centers workflow is to remain uninterrupted. Employees carry on working around the clock while having to adhere to specific protocols and company requirements.

Call centers are known for stressful work environment. Managing the workforce in contact centers is not an easy task. Unless the management deploys an effective workforce management process, attrition rate can be high and agent efficiency can remain low.

Tips For Call Center Workforce Management & Workforce Optimization

Use the tried and tested WFM methods – lower attrition rate, lower running cost, and enhanced productivity and reduced conflict in the workforce.

Intensive Training

When new agents are recruited, call center HR department should ensure that the new employees receive proper and intensive training. The training sessions should be developed with care and proper planning.

It is not just about learning a few new software applications. The call center agents also need to learn the nuances of dealing with diverse types of callers and working in a team. The training should also include simulation sessions.

Realistic Scheduling

In a call center the work cannot come to a halt and the agents have to work on rotational shifts. However, the shifts should be scheduled in a realistic manner, to ensure that the agents are comfortable and get proper rest between their shifts, and in this situation proper workforce management software can be of great help.

Wise scheduling is importation, otherwise, agent burnout will become a hurdle and it may hurt the revenue.

Software Upgrade

In call centers, numerous software solutions are used to receive and make calls, store and update customer information, sync data, and so on. The management should ensure that the most adequate software solutions are used, and from time to time existing software may need to be replaced with more suitable solutions.

However, the new software options should be evaluated carefully before making an investment. If contact center management decides to opt for Genesys software or any other type of workforce solutions, an experienced expert company such as Miratech can help evaluate the needs and assist with the implementation.

Using suitable software in contact centers helps the agents perform their tasks smoothly and become more productive.

Stress Busting

In any call center the work atmosphere tends to be stress-ridden. There are goals and deadlines to meet. The agents also have to deal with different types of callers, including difficult ones, while adhering to the operational protocols at all times.

The management needs to make provisions for the employees to enable them to deal with the stress effectively. There are many way to do so, including using proper color scheme and lighting around the office, arranging for indoor games and way to relax, providing snacks, or throwing occasional surprise parties.

Effective Monitoring

For both inbound and outbound operations call centers have to adhere to industry standards and use best practices when catering to customer needs.

Contact center agents, no matter how efficient and skilled, are human and can make mistakes. The management, therefore, needs to have a monitoring system in place in order to keep track of all interactions and agent activities. This can be done digitally but the monitoring should not be enforced in a way that can hamper the workflow or add to the stress level.